The to do list

The Affair code is in continuous development, and a preview of things to come are:

  1. store plots for the past day for ALL days, using a calendar for access
  2. use the new ROOT feature to store graphs as png, instead of first as eps
  3. switch monitoring using SNMP. Perhaps use MRTG/shamelessly copy relevant components?
  4. Enable in Affair Control starting and stopping individual nodes
  5. Enable in Affair Control on the fly changing of node parameters
  6. Enable in Affair Control and the web easy analysis(graphs, histograms, correlations) of offline data, with user defined time periods
    in progress (2/2/2005)
  7. Make Run Control much more versatile, giving status of nodes, details of each node like which disks used,...
  8. Generate warnings if disks too full, cpu too high ,..., on the web and on the affair control. Timetable for this is unknown in progess (1/1/2006)
  9. Generate summary performance info, warnings, for mobile phones. Timetable for this is unknown
  10. Much more..